Blog Post # 8

Today we went to visit Deloitte. I had a JROTC ceremony which made me come 1 1/2 hour late to the meeting. I missed whatever happened during the session and only  had a half and hour to work with my group. It felt nice seeing old faces again. I worked on the Pitch Deck with our NEW mentor. His name is Eric. He is very friendly and he had seemed to have adjusted with Finally Fit quickly. 

I haven’t really faced any difficulties due to Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, I had power throughout the whole chaotic situation.

I haven’t really had much updates about how the app work was going but it seemed like Joel and Carl were getting their work done and Sarah had her business plan. I reviewed the plan and I thought it was perfect. Now all I have to do is add the effects and animation to the pitch deck and we’ll be done with more than half of what we have to do.

Blog Post # 7

Today was a fun day. Today we visited New York’s office of Facebook. I was thrilled to be inside of where it all begins. Facebook is so well known and I felt honored to be there. I learned so much about how Facebook makes its magic happen. It was an amazing experience. I especially loved the the pictures on the walls. Very motivating. Today we heard bad news but I was happy. Avi got a new job and that required him to leave his position of being our Mentor. I appreciate all he’s done to help us and I congratulate him for his achievement.

Finally Fit is still at the same spot we were. We made pivots today. To make our app as simple as possible we took out some features. I think the change will be beneficial for us. I think it is a good idea.

I am confident that we will get our work done in the manner desired.

I wonder who our new mentor would be. :O

Blog Post # 6

Finally Fit is turning out to be a successful app. Today we went to App Nexus. It was amazing. I loved the place. App Nexus is a very interesting company. Their presentation was very informative as well. I got caught up with my group and I worked on the marketing plan with Avi. Malik and Carl continue working on App Inventor with Joel.

I am getting a bit worried with our progress with the prototype but I feel that we will pull through. We will do an outstanding job.

October 3, 2012

Today’s session went fairly well. I was tired from the days work but I tried my best to participate during our Finally Fit session. Today’s session was interesting. Nasdaq is pretty amazing. Our tech mentor Joel introduced a new website called Zoho. That is where we monitor or groups progress and it has a list of tasks that are supposed to be completed. I think its pretty efficient. The challenges that we are facing right now are that we are a little far behind than the other groups. However we are trying out best to work our way to the top. The website Zoho is helping us be organized and its helping us get back on track.

Fall Sessions (cont.)

Today we met up at the Verrick Street Incubator. It felt nice to see my whole group again but it also reminded me that we have A LOT of work to do. I am really happy that we have the tech mentors supporting us with this since they have a lot of experience. I don’t know what I would be doing without them. We actually did everything that we were supposed to do. We also perfected out goals. We got the chance to use a different room which helped us concentrate better. Everyone who walked into the room we were using was impressed. They said that we actually looked like a company. The challenges that we had were that we kept changing our ideas and we were still unsure of how to create the app but yesterdays session really helped me clear out the questions I had. Now my group actually knows what to do and when to do it by the help of our mentors. Once again, I am so thankful for our tech mentors. We decided that planning each goal step by step so we actually understand what we have to do. It was a successful day.

Finally Fit is turning out to be a great app. We have our finalized main features and we are starting to code. We are working with code academy for now. We are trying hard to learn this language but it is not easy task. Wish us luck!

End of Summer Bootcamp

August 17, 2012

I can’t believe this is the last day of the summer bootcamp. I made long lasting memories. I’ve learned so much about Entrepreneurship that I just don’t know where to start. This week has gone exceptionally fast. I have an awesome group and intelligent student mentors. My favorite sessions had to be when we went to General Assembly. I want the Pod that they have. It seems so comfortable! I have high hopes  for my company. We have the determination to succeed and as president, I’ll make sure of that. My attitudes towards Entrepreneurship and technology has definitely changed. I have come to think that entrepreneurship and its alliance with technology will definitely have a great impact on our future. My attitude towards the world is that you have to show persistance. My 80 hours I’ve spent in GenTech were amazing. I have become a different person. I have become a Tech Nerd!

2 notes

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Week 1 1/2

Well, the second week is still going but I have accomplished alot. Lets just say that our company is coming along well and I am 100% sure that we’ll have the three balsamiq mock up screens for our app. 

Week 1 Reflections

I have finally finished Week 1 of NYC Generation Tech. It was a rigorous week. We had a lot of work and it was actually interesting. I’ve learned a lot about Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and much more. One of my favorite sessions were with Mr. Summers. It was fun when we started talking about popular apps. I loved it when we got time to download numerous free apps. I downloaded game apps such as Glow Hockey, Temple Run, and Logos Quiz. It was fun  playing Glow Hockey with Sarah because I kept winning. It was funny because she would get frustrated. I have high hopes for my company. I believe that if we try hard enough we’ll win. My group consists of hard workers. They all just need a push, which hopefully I’ll be able to do since I was nominated as the President and Marketing Officer. What excites me most about moving forward is the fact that I’ll be learning on how to actually create an app. The coding part actually sounds interesting. What makes me nervous is that I hope I don’t fall behind with what they teach us. At first, the long hours of class were overwhelming but by Tuesday- Wednesday it started to become funner and time goes fast when you’re having fun. It was a good first week.